About many many years ago this girl were ready for a swim, as you can see, in the lake near our cottage. #throwback On the 22nd February she turned 18 years old! Time goes by fast when you have fun, and haven't it been fun! I hope she had a wonderful birthday 🎉 and that her 18th year will be a marvelous one! 👍🏼 Lots of love! ❤️
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Throwback to this fun day 💕 #horse #adventures #throwback #saturday
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#throwback se nota que eramos los malotes de la clase verdad? Bien hardcore
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Hidup itu bukan perjuangan tapi perjalanan 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼 enjoy ur every journey 😍 #mymoment #myjourney #mypassionoflife #mystory #wheninHarbin #throwback #everymomentisagift #imblessed #imthankful
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When I started my business in 2014, I worked out of my kitchen.  Utilizing the counter space, sink and even kitchen knives and cutting boards, I sliced and diced floral foam bricks.  I didn’t think much of it.. 😲 Then, I learned how awful floral foams were to our environment from Mickey Blake, the founder of @floral_soil who had recently visited the Seattle Wholesale Growers Market that same fall.  I was horrified by what I learned.  I went home that night to tell my husband it takes 350 chemicals to produce every single brick.  He said, “You know you use our kitchen cutting boards and knives to cut that stuff, right?” It was an eye-opening experience to recognize how I had unknowingly been exposing my family to an ugly truth of floral industry.  Reflecting on how many times in my past I had worked with it, I no longer wanted any part of it and vowed to find another way.. 🤔 Has this decision probably turned away a few revenue opportunities? Yes. Have I had to plan harder and choose mindfully with florals and products? Yes. Have I felt limited in terms of creative expression or had a ‘just this one time” moment? Absolutely not. This decision was a good one.  It was honest, responsible, and pushes me to seek out the seemingly impossible.. 😉 I would love to encourage more conversations and reflection on this topic. Whether a veteran florist, just getting started or a consumer who loves fresh flowers in the home, I welcome discussion on becoming floral foam free.  Feel free to share any questions or comments. ... photography @missy.palacol
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Nothing better than living and working with my bff👯‍♀️✨ . Can’t wait to watch you dance your butt off at Lip Jam tomorrow! —————————————————-#alphagammadelta #alphadeltapi #alphagam #sonomastate #collegestudent #entrepreneur #skincare #bff #throwback #beauty #blonde #rodanandfields #money #lifestyle #blogger #lifestyleblogger
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Please take me back! - Hey, I will be posting pictures, videos and even some photo edits of some of my favourite celebs so I hope you like.
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