I got thrown under the bus today. Like literally a co-worker decided to resign with a bang and might as well break my ankless too. BUT, I'm happy to announce that I didn't shut down, throw a fit, cry, or get anxious sick. Yeah I'm upset but I didnt automatically think: this is the end. Shyt happens and ppl are messy. Don't let them set your mental health back! #officepolitics #thrownunderthebus #shithappens #icantcare #learningtobreathe #workingwhilecrazy #lifegoeson #pettypeople #mentalhealth #socialanxiety #stressedout #maintaining
6 days ago
I'm sorry @jacklu87 - I know you have your eyes closed in this pic but I look like Shreks not so photogenic brother in all the other shots so... it was either you or me buddy. And Menaf ... cheer the fuck up. . #thrownunderthebus #leftatthebusstop #gaygrancanaria #gaytravels
9 days ago
* Reposting from Functional Transit Winnipeg/Winnipeg Transit Changes Opposition * RALLY FOR TRANSIT on Monday December 11, 2017 • 12-2PM • 510 Main Street • From Functional Transit Winnipeg: "Come out Monday at noon to rally against the proposed transit cuts and 25 cent fare increase!" #wpgpoli #sardinelife #thrownunderthebus #rally #transit #transportation #publictransit #WinnipegTransit
9 days ago
“Daddy said _______!” 🚨🚨🚨 Busted by my youngest boy so hard. SO. HARD. How am I going to explain this to @erinthaler? #parentingfail #pottymouth #busted #thrownunderthebus #wherestheloyalty #ihavesomeexplainingtodo
11 days ago
My ten year old's "letter" to Santa. Just in case St. Nick didn't have his own rubric. #letterstosanta #christmasspirit #thrownunderthebus
11 days ago
this one is personal. My name is Katie and I do social media here at @ipwinnipeg . My grandmother is 88 years old and lives alone on a fixed income each month. I dropped by this past weekend to bring her some lunch and visit, and i saw this on her kitchen counter. Counted out to the nickel. Just two trips in advance for days she feels she needs to take a bus somewhere (at 88, that’s pretty darn difficult). For her, this is a load of laundry that doesn’t get done. This is the reality of re-budgeting on a fixed income. It really made this whole transit hike in Winnipeg hit that much closer to home. #thrownunderthebus #sardinelife
13 days ago
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