Making my way downtown #breathofthewild #torchbearer
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Dish out the heat! Pick up a few bottles of @torchbearersauces to give to those who can handle to heat. Sauces can also be found at a number of shops and markets in the greater Harrisburg area, including @Wegmans, @radishandrye at @broadstreetmarket and DJ’s Smoke Shack! 📷: @torchbearersauces
3 hours ago
Tita Lavinia: Kinikiig talaga ako pag nagpaparamadam si Cat ng ganito. Feel na feel ko ang 2018! Koronahan na yan! 👑 📷 @catriona_gray How I feel now that I'm (finally) back in the place I grew up in. 😄💕🌊 #catrionagray #TorchBearer #willingtowait
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Time flies! It was 8 years ago on December 15th,2009, I had the honour of being chosen as 1 of only 12,000 Torch Bearers for the Vancouver Olympic Torch Relay. It was the longest Torch Relay in history (at the time), the coldest, and the organizers planned the route to make it so that more than 90% of Canadians could see it. You can’t tell from my big smile, but it was one of the coldest days in December!! It’s hard to put into words the amount of pride I felt in that single moment as a Canadian. Seeing what seemed like the entire city of Oshawa bundled up on the sidewalks, Kids with handmade signs with words of encouragement for the Torch Bearers. People handing out hot chocolate. Car dealerships who turned on the flashing hazard lights on all their cars to cheer us on and celebrate. I wish I could have captured that feeling in a jar and shared it with everyone. We are lucky to live where we do. I would not want to live anywhere else. #canada #olympics #vancouverolympics #torchbearer #cocacola
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مفاجئة رائعة من اللجنة المنظمة للاوالمبيات الشتوية بأن سلموني الشُعَلة التي حملتها يوم أمس وساخذها معي الى وطني الحبيب الاردن كي أضعها في متحف الأطفال. فخور جداً بهذا الإنجاز الذي اهديه الى بلدي الأردن والى القدس الحبيبة عاصمة فلسطين الابديّة . It was an amazing surprise from @Samsung and the winter Olympic organisers to keep the Olympic Torch . I will bring it with me to my beautiful country Jordan and keep It at the Children Museum. I present this achievement to my beautiful Jordan and to Jerusalem the capital of Palestine. #Samasung #SamsaungLevant #OlympicTorchRelay #PyeongChang2018 #DoWhatYouCant #Jordan #Palestine #Love_Jordan #حب_الأردن #أردننا #seoul #olympic #torchbearer
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Aesthetic on point. Pit stop in PVD 👌🏻 #thingsilike #lifewithsiobhan #torchbearer #pvd #aesthetic
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