...i always wanted to be in the 🙌 #boyscouts ...but i had to be ...👸 in the #girlscouts 👭 AND: jesus christ, man...the difference in fucking values being taught is disgusting. i knew it even then. . . . . . . . . #sexism #mysogyny #feminism #america #extremism #culture #fuckthis #traditionalgenderroles #dinnerparties
3 days ago
Spending the day in the kitchen baking bread and a treat for after dinner this evening 🍞🍰 Gym use is in full swing and my body is sore but my strength & endurance is growing! I do think exercise can play such a big role in mental health no matter how many cucks disagree 🏋️💪
7 days ago
The man made a traditional Cumberland pie 🐑 He doesn't cook often but when he does, he makes a lovely effort. Well done, it's lush ❤️
13 days ago
Dear men, You are awesome.
15 days ago
Obsessed with this new dress 😍 feeling very retro ✌🏼
21 days ago
Bestfriend. Mentor. Pillow. Man🌹
23 days ago
Richard Roland Holst - Helga's Intrede, ca. 1864. Reposted from @pierrewolfthing
23 days ago
Alexander Bassano - Dame Gladys Cooper Half-plate negative, 1910 National Portrait Gallery, London
26 days ago
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