Understanding the game yet ?? Apply same LOGIC to #MikeBrown #TrayvonMartin #KennekaJenkins list goes on ! The police and gangs and satanists work TOGETHER at certain levels and ALL WORK UNDER THE UMBRELLA OF MASONIC LODGES.
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And here is the biggest Eliminati puppet shit show bitch of em all...and he took an oath to kill Trayvon and he wasn't even a vice lord he just had on a red hoody #trayvonmartin
12 hours ago
Looks like I'm losing followers telling the truth! Fuck it let's lose some more! Here's what the confederate degenerate Attorney General of Mississippi Mike Hurst thinks of the capital city. Peep game folks! Don't let these skkkums control the narrative! Do you think they will focus on all the Confederate crimimals who steal from the people every day? Of course not! This wont target all the meth, heroin and xanax users. You KNOW who the target is with the codified language. Read read READ! . .. ... .... ..... .... ... .. . #BlackLaborWhiteWealth #DrClaudAnderson #UrbanDevelopment #PowerNomics #NegusNews #GroupEconomics #BlackLove #PanAfrican #BlackLivesMatter #SandraBland #RekiaBoyd #TamirRice #EricGarner #TrayvonMartin #EmmettTill #AkaiGurley #KorrynGaines #DrFrancesCressWelsing #FrancesCressWelsing #IsisPapers #WhiteSupremacy #Racism #StopWhitePeople2k17 #StopWhitePeople2017 #WeWasCaves
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We all in this together, it's just that we all living for #different #reason's and #purposes, so I think and move different that's the difference between me and those other guys and women, That's why you never see me Hanging out with them people, and we all in this together. #Moral of the story: I change my Thinking and it change my #Life. #Rip #TrayvonMartin #Culture MY @NIKE #HOODIE SHOWS THAT I AM #TRAYVON #MARTIN @bikesupgunzdownboysandgirls #weabundantlyblessed
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No justification No justice I made this image to honor the hundreds of {thousands of} people who have been killed by police officers that were never brought to justice. These names are you and me. Circumstances of death include: death by over 20+gunshots; immediate shots fired while approaching officers for help, death for crossing the street and being hit by a speeding police vehicle that had no sirens or lights on, as well as death for exiting their pulled over vehicle only to be killed by another approaching, speeding police vehicle. Circumstances of death include having a gunshot to the back while handcuffed, death by burns caused by controlled scolding hot jail showers {with a diary left behind noting the cycle of officer abuse..} Death from suffocation, death by trauma; including death by ordered K-9 attacks although there was already full cooperation taking place. Death alone on a street.....with their family members handcuffed nearby thrown in the back of a police car instead of with them for their final breaths. Death by neglect. By lack of immediate medical attention where precious time passed as did insults and degradation towards the victim. Death because they had mental illness that was handled irresponsibly. None of the officers responsible for these aforementioned deaths have received any criminal charges. {At most one received weekend-only jail time.} No matter your stance in politics, it is admittedly recognizable these deaths were preventable and occurred due to authoritative abuse. How would you feel if your own father, mother, daughter, grandmother, lover, best friend, teacher, suddenly died due to an officers negligence and/or excessive use of force, only for them to remain officers while your family remained broken. The memory of these victims and families deserve justice. ✊ #justice
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Because you asked for it, I’m giving the people what they want! "Your Seat Ain't Safe #MidtermElections" is NOW ON SALE! :) Your vote has the power to affect change. Get ready, ignite and activate for the 2018 midterm elections! Let your elected officials know if you don’t represent our issues, “Your Seat Ain’t Safe!” Exercise your RIGHT and vote in the 2018 Midterm Elections. Purchase your t-Shirt today, visit: http://bit.ly/YourSeatAintSafe #midtermelections #YourSeatAintSafe
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🙏🏼 #Repost @wind__rider83 ・・・ A big thank you to one of my sweetest customers, Dani Jo, for gifting the @amalgamphilly crew with these awesome bracelets! Check her out! @sourtigershop 10% of proceeds go towards various social justice organizations such as #thetrayvonmartinfoundation #blacklivesmatter and victims of racial injustice that need support. #blm #trayvonmartin #inlovingmemory #weremember #takeaknee #resist #staywoke #yellowperilsupportsblackpower
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