#ReginaeCarter is heated about the comments people been saying about her new born sister #Reign. She said y'all gonna have to fight her! Thoughts?
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( Via Snap Chat : Jamaalesce23 ) 🤣 Nah it really do tho!!! #TylerTheCreator #VinceStaples #MSG #NYC #ViaSnapChat
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I’ve had a really shitty year so far tbh. I’m miserable
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I’ve come to realize that the best way to determine what album is better when comparing, is to simply lean towards the one that “wows” me more. As I’ve said before, I’m a big believer in allowing ALMOST FULL BIAS when critiquing. In my opinion, it is almost pointless when trying to be too specific and trying to figure out which album was “executed” better. For example, who am I to say that album 1 has better production, technical skills, lyrics, flow etc. than album 2? Everyone’s ears and views are different from one another and one should be proud of how he or she sees what is better when comparing. (of course I’m not saying it’s okay for someone to think Lil Pump is better than Joey Bada$$ so don’t take this too literal lol) Also, we as fans will NEVER know if the artist really succeeded in what he or she was trying to accomplish. That’s just the truth which is why I never understood it when people would say “so and so executed his or her goal to perfection” or “so and so didn’t execute their goal”. Unless you were in the studio with the artist during the whole recording and creating process, you don’t know barnicals. Now, another reason why that’s the wrong way to compare albums in my opinion is because it just doesn’t make sense to compare two different types of moods/concepts. For example, I’m not going to compare Atrocity Exhibition to Piñata due to the fact each album went for different things and are phenomenal in their respective ways. Obviously Atrocity Exhibition is more different than any other album, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better. With all of this being said, this is why in my opinion it is best to go with the “which album wow’d me more” strategy when comparing and ranking albums.. - What are your views on how to rank or compare albums?
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i never thought i wouLd get this far. i made music so i couLd connect to the PeoPLe that felt hurt and abandoned. i stiLL dont trust no one but Knowing that this many PeoPLe beLieve in me gives me hoPe. thanK you for everything
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@pkltheshaboy - Perfect Hefner Pt.2
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