One of my favourite wildlife highlights was when this adult male chimpanzee laid down next to my guests and I. This is Rukara and he belongs to a Kibale Chimpanzee community. This was my second time photographing him. I can't describe how wonderful it was to have this chimp relaxing in front of us. I am hoping to see Rukara again this April. Would you like to meet him? I still have one spot left on our Uganda Primate Safari.
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We are practicing different mouth movements and Hellen is really making progress. And today she stood up on her own, for the first time! 🤩 She is turning three years old soon💔 so sad how far behind she is in her development. Like a six month old baby. But is making progress’ and that is something 🌺❤️ #baby #travel #uganda #work #adventure #student #progress
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W O R T H • T H E • E F F O R T 😓 ____________________ I’ve been lucky enough to see three different sub-species of gorilla, in three different countries, on well over thirty different occasions, and each one is different from the last. That doesn’t only go for the gorillas themselves, but also for the actual trek. Sometimes it’s a five minute stroll - sometimes it’s a five hour slog. This particular one was from when I guided a group of Swedish visitors in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest NP in Uganda, and although we found the gorillas fairly quickly it was one of the more challenging visits I’ve had, and on several occasions we had to pull ourselves up nearly vertical slopes by tree roots and branches (some of the guests receiving excellent push-and-pull service from our porters). But sometimes that makes the experience even better - it emphasizes that these are wild animals, that the wild isn’t a zoo, and that we need to put in a bit of effort to create those really special memories. 🦍 . . . . . . . #gorillas #mountaingorillas #bwindi #uganda #travelguide #pearlofafrica #featured_wildlife #exclusive_wildlife #ig_cutestanimals #babygorilla #lifethroughalens
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Being "out of office" can be hard work. This is how the feet of photographer Sofi looks after a day in the field, covering Africa's biggest refugee crisis for Save the Children in north Uganda. #adjumani #uganda# refugee #africa #ihponephoto #globalStoryteller #travel #photojournalist #earthpassport #onassignment #savethechildren
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Dancing with the Batwa Tribe 🕺 they’re the oldest living people in the Bwindi forest and are known for they’re less than 5 ft heights #Uganda
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Ni vyema tutambue kuwa Uhakika wa Upatikanaji wa Chakula kwa Taifa ni Muhimu lakini lazima iendane na Uhakika wa Lishe Bora kwa Taifa sababu Taifa kuwa na Chakula cha kutosha haimaanishi kuwa moja kwa moja Wananchi watakuwa hawana tatizo la Lishe Bora. Leo tupo Dodoma ambapo Taasisi za Sekta Binafsi #SAGCOT #TCCIA #TPSF #TFA #ANSAF #BarazaLaMcheleTanzania na Taasisi za Umma n.k. #TMB #TDB #TFDA n.k. na Mawizara #WizaraYaMamboYaNje #WizaraYaKilimo #WizaraYaKilimoZanzibar #WizaraYaMifugoNaUvuvi #WizaraYaMaji n.k. pamoja na Vyuo Vikuu #ChuoKikuuDar #ChuoKikuuDodoma n.k. tukiwa na kazi muhimu ya kupitia, kutathmini na kujadili Mkakati wa Utekelezaji wa Sera ya Jumuiya ya Afrika Mashariki ya Kuhakikisha Nchi Wanachama za Afrika Mashariki Zinakuwa na Uhakika wa Upatikanaji wa Chakula na Lishe Bora #EACFoodAndNutritionSecurityStrategy pamoja na Mpango Kazi wake #EACFoodAndSecurityActionPlan na kuhakikisha kuna uwiano kati ya Mkakati na Mpango Kazi pamoja na Sera ambayo ilikwisha pitishwa. Kwa pamoja, tutaandaa mapendezo ambayo yatakwenda kuwa Msimamo wa #Tanzania kwenye kikao cha Wataalamu cha Jumuiya ya Afrika Mashariki kitakachofanyika #Uganda 30 Januari hadi 3 Februari ambapo Mkakati na Mpango kazi tajwa vitapitishwa kwa hatua zinazofuata.
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1/2 BTS with Mbuga Moses (@shredded_mowzy ) Happy bday Moses! Shot with one speedlight and natural light In Kampala, Uganda. #habeebmukasa #fitness #gym #uganda #eastafrica #muscle #abs #trainer #iso1200bts #kampala
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MYCORPS MISSION 5 @ AFRICA [UPDATE FROM MBALE, UGANDA, TEAM KIBUKU 🇺🇬] 14 Jan 2018 - We went to Ar- Rahman Islamic School at Kibuku to meet and greet the villagers around the area. Many of them are poor and do not have any staple food or anything to eat. Besides that, the older people who live in the village are mostly living alone and has no one to depend on. We came back to the school and gathered for a meeting with the teacher candidates, our NGO partner (Kibuku Community Center) and our potentikal NGO partner, One Life Global Welfare who was represented by the Project Manager, Brother Zahir Uddin from UK. 🇬🇧 Key points that were highlighted during the meeting: Bro Zahir was saying that the strongest reason why he and his team are highly passionate to help the Muslim community around the globe is because; they want to spread the da'wah by enlighten the deen in the community's hearts, not just helping for the sake of humanity. Charity and da'wah are their main goals. One Life Global Welfare (OLGW) is gladly supporting any of our projects within the Kibuku area and has no problem with it. We may seat together to discuss further regarding the charity projects and share their own perspective or experience. Our team feel really inspired by OLGW for their hard work and achievements in helping the needy around the world. Weebale!!! Will update again tomorrow. #MYCorps #MYCorpsAfrica #MYCorpsAF #YouMeAndAfrica #Sudan #Tanzania #Uganda #Kenya #Negaraku #ChangingLives
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