''O GD é isso, essa mistura, irreverência, naturalidade e espontaneidade.'' @gabrieldiniz já é sucesso! 👏👏👏
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Rednosesallday @rednosesallday
21 minutes ago
UNA CHIAVE // New beautiful videoclip for the amazing Italian artist @fotocaparezza. Thanks to @gianlucacalumontesano @faustodonato @titolive @shakemoduloproject @marcoplt85 @plastikdreamer and al the crew
15 minutes ago
SA White Wall Tyres @sawhitewalltyres
24 minutes ago
@onerivermedia testing out a prototype of our new ADAM Audio T7V studio monitor! #Retweet @onerivermedia BAM!!! Honored to be testing out these prototype ADAM AUDIO T7Vs in our new edit/color suite today. Special thanks to Alex Spencer from ADAM for personally coming down to hand deliver these to our new digs. KEEP A MASSIVE EYEBALL AND EARBALL ON THESE MONITORS. Audio has always been a major foundation to our video production and post-production infrastructure (first starting professionally in 1991 in audio engineering) and I foresee this new T series of monitors from ADAM making a HUGE impact, especially for video editors. We'll be adding their other high-end S series line (new) and the newly updated AX series line to our facility. Stay tuned for photos of our new facility (we're designing and implementing things that are crazy cool and unique). The ADAMs will be a major part of it! Exciting stuff!!!🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊#adamaudio #adamtseries #t7v#germanengineering #speakers #monitors#speakermonitors #studiomonitors#studiospeakers #referencemonitors#proaudio #audioproduction #audiopost#audiopostproduction #postproduction#videoproduction #videoediting #progear#editsuite #audiosuite #colorsuite #director#producer #onerivermedia
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This is my morning since the kiddo decided she wants to start a YouTube channel about learning and travel. Check YouTube.com/c/geekandbeastmedia later today to see her science experiment! #science #unschooling #homeschooling #Youtuber #experiment #videoediting
21 minutes ago
Wenn ihr wissen wollt, was @sophie.jupe und ich da so spannendes machen (nein ich habe keine Läuse), dann zieht euch doch mal unser erstes Video rein. Wenn ihr uns nach 3min noch reden hören könnt und nicht voller Fremdscham im Boden versinkt, dann dürft ihr uns auch gerne sagen, wie ihr das so findet 😂 Natürlich ist uns klar, dass es jede Menge solcher Channels gibt. Aber uns gehts eben auch nicht darum, irgendwann mal als Influencer eine Kameradrohne gesponsert zu bekommen... ok halt, das wäre ziemlich geil! Uns geht es darum, alles mögliche auszuprobieren was wir immer mal machen wollten. Also seid gnädig mit eurem Feedback 🙈😄 Den Link zum Video findet ihr im Linktree meiner Bio 🌳 #youtubeanfänger
33 minutes ago
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