Mango Cream Ice that I killed earlier. So good 😍 What wasn't good was that I was already pretty full from dinner, ate some of this then my son decided he was going to do gymnastics in the upper part of my abdomen and well it all came up with my dinner🤢😫 Good wake up call though that I need to stop pushing my sleeve to its limits especially while growing a human who loves to kick the crap out of me. The struggle is real guys! • • • •pregnant #pregnantafterwls #pregnancyproblems #pregnancyaftervsg #pregnancy #almostthere #35weekspregnant #vsg #vsgjourney #vsgcommunity #vsginstacrew #vsglife #vsgbabe #vsgsupport #vsgfamily #vsglife #wls #wlsjourney #wlscommunity #wlsstrong #wlsfamily #wlslife #wlssupport #wlsfam #wlsinstacrew #bariatricbabes #bariatricsurgery #weightlosssurgery
2 hours ago
Tag Someone That’s Making a Fitness Transformation 💪 @sarstri: "After reading @train_mean_stay_lean recent post about comparing yourself to others I could relate so much to it. . When your on Instagram scrolling through all the AMAZING bodies it's hard not to measure yourself up to them. Which I'm completely guilty of doing too and I've struggled with this more lately this past month and I'm not really sure why! Constantly comparing yourself to others can honestly be a mind f*ck and tiring😑. . Most of this year I have been a positive person towards how I see my body but this past month I've caught myself comparing myself to others again. The more I compare to others the more I put down my own body❌. . It's hard to NOT compare yourself to others with the world we live in now, most of us are all on social media🤳🏻. Sometimes you do need to step back from it all and remind yourself with how far you've come because we can be incredibley hard on ourselves most of the time and find it even harder to compliment our own progress and the work we put in. . We spend far too much time focusing on how we look rather than looking at the bigger picture and what's more important💕. Especially around Christmas time, instead of focusing on 'How much fat will I put on over the Christmas period' focus more on what's going on around you like spending time with your family and just enjoying the moment🤗" _____________________
2 hours ago
Today at my daughters oriental themed party, we made all kinds of food and when I tell yall I didn’t even eat it nor was I tempted by it ! I’m proud of me ! 🤗 #Ethee
3 hours ago
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