BREAKING: Activist meets with classmate's son to discuss his options for a civil case against the Rock Hill Police Department. In May of 2017, Mitchell was walking down the street, when two Rock Hill patrolmen stopped Mitchell, charged him with 'Driving Under Suspension' and placed him under arrest. The problem with this case is that Mitchell was walking and should have never been charged for 'DUS'. In November, a local judge, out of his obvious disappointment and confusion totally dismissed the case. After the dismissal, Mitchell requested a jury trial. A jury trial is set for January 2018 and a civil rights strategy will be initiated. Mitchell and Barnett wants to utilize this opportunity to expose the reality that police profiling do exist in Rock Hill as well as the rest of the country. #StopPoliceProfiling #WalkingWhileBlack #CantStopThug
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Plain and simple you can’t justify “reasonable cause” masked under new laws like jaywalking to use tactics as stop and frisk & other methods of incarcerating the people of Black communities that’s why we want a police accountability to have a citizens review on jurisdiction #JPACNOW #JCAC #WalkingWhileBlack
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#WalkingWhileBlack BREAKING: JCAC Statement on #WalkingWhileBlack and the discriminatory practices of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Jacksonville Community Action Committee (JCAC) condemns the discriminatory and racist “Stop and Frisk” practices of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO). Topher Sanders of the ProPublica and Benjamin Conarck of the Florida Times Union recently released an article showing the racist and insidious nature of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office pedestrian ticketing process. From the #WalkingWhileBlackReport: “The ProPublica/Florida Times-Union analysis of five years of pedestrian tickets shows there is no strong relationship between where tickets are being issued and where people are being killed. The number of fatal crashes involving pedestrians, in fact, climbed every year from 2012 to 2016, the most recent years for which complete data is available. What the analysis does show is that the pedestrian tickets — typically costing $65, but carrying the power to damage one’s credit or suspend a driver’s license if unpaid — were disproportionately issued to blacks, almost all of them in the city’s poorest neighborhoods. In the last five years, blacks received 55 percent of all pedestrian tickets in Jacksonville, while only accounting for 29 percent of the population. Blacks account for a higher percentage of tickets in Duval County than any other large county in Florida. Blacks, then, were nearly three times as likely as whites to be ticketed for a pedestrian violation. Residents of the city’s three poorest zip codes were about six times as likely to receive a pedestrian citation as those living in the city’s other, more affluent 34 zip codes.” What is even more shocking is the statement from JSO Under Sheriff Pat Ivey in regards to the ticket violations. He said that it has always been seen as legitimate to use a pedestrian violation as an opportunity to stop and question someone “acting suspicious.” This is basically the second in command at JSO, saying that they use pedestrian violations as a pretense to search and profile more @jaxtakesaction on Facebook.
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“I call this one... the blue Steele” 😂 #Work #Bored #walkingwhileblack #Basic
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#walkingwhileblack "Times-Union and ProPublica reported that of the more than 2,200 pedestrian tickets issued from 2012 to 2017, 55 percent went to African Americans, who make up only 29 percent of the population (in Jacksonville). every day in this country i see all countless proves that the whole system was created to terrorize and oppress us. Insane #livingwhileblack
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My heart hurts reading this... This situation is the epitome of injustice, racism and everything our Soldiers fight against. Ironic I began this book on the anniversary of the devastating attack on our soil (Pearl Harbor)... Systematic injustice IS domestic terrorism. It's not what my people died for, not what good Law Enforcement Officers like my Grandfather served the public for and not what our soldiers valiantly fight to secure everyday. • • • • • • • • . #restinpower #trayvon #trayvonmartin #racism #prejudice #injustice #nojusticenopeace #peace #God #bookstagram #book #hate #evil #reform #criminaljusticereform #gonetoosoon #walkingwhileblack #justice #americanhorrorstory #america #landofthefree #constitution #1984 #dwb #bookclub #civilrights #crimesagainsthumanity #love #murder #colinkaepernick
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No. Just no. You don't get to look at the human side of murderers while murdered black people are being demonized for being black. #breathingwhileblack #walkingwhileblack #playingwhileblack #obeyingthelawwhileblack #BLM #CharlesManson #GodBlessAmerica
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