"ADJUSTMENT, ADJUSTMENT"-returned a favor - RAMS 42 SEAHAWKS 7 Best Special Team in NFL, Rams show up along with their defense and offense today. Seahawks sputter and not able to muster enough offense against the Mobsquad. 34 zip first half, Rams???? - Ogletree and Woods is back in the mix for the Rams while Quinn and Donald took care of the defense. - Road to the Superbowl!
12 hours ago
Maaaaaaaaaaaaan it took me 1.5 hours/15 pictures & some bible research to figure what this boy arm says!! Lol proverbs 30:30 I like the statement! Especially since in a Leo! @deshaunwatson I could've used some help here! #deshaunwatson #warrenmoon #sportsart
7 days ago
9 days ago
For sale guys. Dm me if interested and or are looking for a comission. Warren Moon needs a home.
9 days ago
Former NFL quarterback #WarrenMoon is being accused of sexual harassment...AGAIN. Find out about how he allegedly tortured his former employee by drugging her, grabbing her crotch and more on the site: theybf.me/2kyuCN6 or click link in profile
11 days ago
#Repost @ktvu2 ・・・ A #California woman who worked for a sports marketing firm led by Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon filed a sexual harassment lawsuit alleging that the retired football star required her to wear thong underwear and share his bed during business trips. The lawsuit, filed Monday in Orange County, Calif., also alleges that Moon, 61, committed sexual battery by grabbing the woman’s crotch during a trip to Seattle this year. A publicist did not return phone calls seeking comment to the Washington Post, which first reported the story. #MeToo #sexualharassment #WarrenMoon
11 days ago
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