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The Future : Fate. People often use that word, mostly when it combines with positive events. I think many of us have a tendency to distance ourselves from the vagaries of fate when wrapped up in less desirable outcomes or tragedies. I think that's why I've developed a cynicism toward fate, and its unknown laws, and the way we tiptoe around them, cherry pick its divination. - But even a cynic like me has been hard pushed to explain away the recent conspiring of events, tumbling together like ... a set of random dominoes miraculously forming into a, erm, shape of a jabbing finger, or pointing finger, or beckoning in a come hither-like fashion finger, or ... well, you get the point. Because sometimes fate can feel like the opening of the door to a dream; where reality and something wholly more intangible combine. Then all that's left to do is ... - Walk through the door. So I have. Even as I am, uncertain to the height of the fall beyond - uh, it's a dream remember, so the immediate vicinity is all a bit misty and ethereal [he says, wrestling with a metaphor that isn't exactly helping with the flow] and with, er, neither parachute nor safety net ... just a passionate commitment to the improbability of fate. Besides, if I leave it to that, it actually absolves me of any responsibility for consciously making the decision. And whatever the outcome, it'll be fate, too. - Fate really does have its uses. Oh, and hard work. I have A LOT of hard work ahead of me in 2018.
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A diamond from @alexfoolery "This is the last photo of Sicilian Sea. I will return to post new photos next summer. I hope it was good for you and thank you so much for your appreciation! Sicilian Sea, pic 21" ▫️ Selection | @stevenmortier1975 ▫️ #mydaidia | No Rules | Great Shots ▫️ Poetry | art | philosophy | aka life ▫️ Our friends | @MySPC | @zonestreet | @gallery_legit @globalfotografia_streets | @framed_legit | @brain_waves ▫️ Curators | @stevenmortier1975 | @photoplayeuse75
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[ The battle of life ] #Berlin #xmasgemütlichkeit #whpstripes
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