Effortless style makes the list every time. Kobe in David August Couture. _ The 10 Best Dressed Men of the Week by @GQ #january2018 #week1 #teamdavidaugust #kobebryant ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀
13 minutes ago
Today we checked in with our test group to see how everyone was feeling at the start of week two - looks at these amazing results after 1 week!! Dropping weight More energy Fitting into clothes Abs, abs, and abs These are just few - people are sleeping better no more bloating! I'm in love with this program and i think you would be too! Give it a shot Next round starting February 5th get your spot now with results like this they aren't going to last long! #joinme #resultsthatlast #healthyeating #fitness #80days #week1
36 minutes ago
Let’s see how long I can keep these alive 😂🌵💕 #week1 #succulents
57 minutes ago
Appreciating this gem. Something I thought i’d never say: inviting me to start running.. 4 miles in 1 hour! Not bad! #running #4milesdone #week1 #appreciation #bestfriendgoals #proud @elliearwoods
2 hours ago
Week 1 down! 👍I have a new blog post up about the 21-Day Sugar Detox and how Week 1 went for me. Clickable link in bio 👩🌾 #21dsd #mywildhealing #paleo #week1 https://wildhealing.net/2018/01/23/the-21-day-sugar-detox-week-1/
2 hours ago
Late start to the day, so no breakfast😬 Dinner; slimming world pizza.. two slices of wholemeal bread (hexB) tomatoes sliced (free) red onion diced (free) tomato purée (free) chedder cheese (hexA) tomato ketchup (2syns) Tea; Chunky fish fingers (3.5 syns each) small tin of beans (free) sweet potato fries (free) tsp coconut oil (2syns) tomato ketchup (1syn) finishing today with 12 syns👍🏽 #slimmingworldaccount #week3 #oneofthose #week1 #keepgoing #Iwilldothis #Iwilldothis #slimmingworld
3 hours ago
And we have our winning perch for Harry! I've been making these perches for the Help Harry Challenge from @fourthgradestudio for the last few years in the first week of school to observe problem solving skills, team work and risk taking. The kids always love it, but I think the designs are getting worse and worse every year! Our kids need more opportunities to design, make and play!
3 hours ago
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