That’s how many of our Symetrie MEMBERS came thru the doors for WEEK 1 of the #symetrie6wc 👏🏼 our BIGGEST WEEK EVER... Let’s keep up the momentum 👍🏼 #clovellyfitness #symetrieclovelly #sydneyfitness #hiit #clovelly6wc #symetrie6wc #symetriegymclovelly #week1
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I still have no idea what GHOST stands for but these new pants are really comfy 👻
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NBA Dream Team: My team Wrap up! Week 1 Score: 668(TOP 30%) Season Rank: 786(OF 2,658) Remaining Salary: $6,053,000 Best Player: Giannis Anetokoumpo What more can You say ? This dude has been killing it so far, he's been getting better each game, just from week 1 he's averaged 46.7 fantasy points each game, all up this week his total is 140 to lead the league in fantasy, if you don't have him yet I would suggest getting him in right now, he costs a lot but in the end he's definitely worth it! Worst Player(s): Jimmy Butler- He's joined a new team in the Timberwolves to play along with Towns and Wiggins, but he just hasn't played any great games yet only averaging 15.7 fantasy points a game which isn't good enough in my books Malik Monk- Another poor performer for week 1 , now he got drafted at pick 11. I was expecting a lot more but it takes time to become great . But only averaging -3.0 for week 1, and -6 for all games in total, he is very cheap at $2,700,000 but from week 1 I can already see he's not a good enough fantasy player! Trades: Jimmy Butler > Victor Oladipo I've traded Butler because he just hasn't shown me any good signs yet playing with his new team, I was nearly going to bring in Klay Thompson but with Curry, Durant and also green around him, I've decided to go with Oladipo who has averaged 23.3 for week 1 and 70 total points which is great! Malik Monk > Dwayne Bacon Now Monk had a shocker of an opening week averaging -3.0 for the first week, so I've bought in another rookie who's averaged 11.0 for the first week. Overall I had a really bad start I have to admit , but I my team got better the more games they played. What score did you get? Who will Yu be trading out this week??? Leave questions!!! #nbafantasy #nba #2017 #week1 #wrapup #trades #basketball
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インターミッテントファスティング1週間め、思ったこと 食べれる時間7時間(10:00am-5:00pm) 体重 47.8kg→46.9kg お腹はこんな感じ、なので多分効く . . •お腹減る •集中力上がる気がする •普段より少し精神的に弱くなる •ワークアウトした後、なにも食べれないのつらいので時間調節する! •お酒は飲んでもいい、ただ次の日調節する •チェイサーはおみずにしとく •jello shotどう影響する? •朝口臭やばい •10 mins intense ab workout will kill you (but I can see my abs better now) •やり始めたとやり終わりの写真撮り同じところでとるべし . . #intermittentfasting #week1 #diet #bodychange #bodytransformation #abs #ダイエット #ファスティング #8時間ダイエット #ダイエット仲間募集 #公開ダイエット #宅トレ
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