Day 33!! When your body says no one more your mind says yes one more!! So do it!! Show me how bad you want it!#healthymomandwifeandnurse#fitmom#coachandnurse#wellnesscoach#beyourbestversion#beyourowninspiration
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We are what we eat - but also what we can digest, assimilate and absorb! Eating well is half the battle, the other half is making sure your gut is doing the right thing! Getting your gut health right can literally transform your life.
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What are your goals for the week ? I just hopped off team training for the night, and got so inspired by a leader on our team who shared her experience in this wonderful community I am a part of. “Dreams don’t work unless you do”. This is a motto I continue to live by and aspire to ♥️🌿
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My favourite drink Usually I take 3-5 times a day, because its low calorie, gives mentel freshness with all time energetic. #afreah #tea #lowcalorie #antioxident #detoxification #drink #herbalifenutrition #wellnesscoach
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Because potato and mushrooms are made for each other. Such tasty, creamy goodness. Bestest carb load eva!!! #warriorwomenfitness
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Happy Monday Team! As you’ll see in my insta stories, my intention for this week is to incorporate more play into my week! 😊 • Life can get so bloody serious as we chase down our goals and work to constantly better ourselves. Whilst this is such essential work, I intend to do it this week with a big fat smile on my face, a sprinkling of silliness and and attitude of play! I know when I relax into things a bit more the creative magic really starts to happen! • What’s your intention this week gang? #consciousliving #playhard #weeklyintention #mondaymotivation
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• R E D U C E, R E - U S E, R E C Y C L E • I took the day off today and made these bees wax wraps (super proud of myself by the way 💁🏻) I have been wanting to do these for over a month now to reduse the use of plastic and foil on our lunches and food in the fridge. So glad I got to put some of my pre-loved clothes to use and recycling this pattern that I’m totally inlove with 🙌🏻 thanks to @spell_byronbay for the DIY inspiration🌻 . All you need is... 1 cup of pure bees wax 2 Tbsp of jojoba oil 1/4 tree resin (optional, I chose not to add this as it can cause toxic aromas when heated/ plus it’s only added to make the bees wax more flexible like glad wrap) Have fun stepping a little lighter on our earth 🌏 💕
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Seen here is just half of the fresh loot for this week. I’m deep into rereading and studying @maryannshearer’s #TheNaturalWayToPerfectHealth. This book acted a guide to my mother when she was raising us on the farm in Namibia, and much of its philosophy is intuitively ingrained in my cooking. The book is rooted in thorough research about how our digestion actually works and how to eat for optimal nutrient absorption - and thus healing almost any ailment through correct food combining and a mostly fresh fruit and vegetable diet. But before I advocate it anymore on #lcvoneats, I am my own guinea pig fighting against a lingering cold with fresh produce only until symptoms subside. I’ll report back once I’ve 🐰’d myself though this pile of 🌿🍇 up 🔝 #plantmedicine #plantbased #foodhealing
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An appropriate message to start this channel! . . . . . #healthyfood #healthcoach #nutrition #fitness #wellness #wellnesscoach
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Herkese Merhaba..! 😂😂 💚💚 Diyette olupta kilo almak bu olsa gerek..! 😉😉💚💚 💎Herbalife ürünleri ilaç değildir. 💎Dengeli ve sağlıklı beslenme ürünleridir. 💎Kilo kontrolü için kullanılır. 💎Formda kalmak için kullanılır. 💎Sporcu Beslenmesi için kullanılır. 💎Kişiye özel program sunar. 💎Sonuç garantilidir.. 💪💪Profesyonel destek ve ücretsiz. danışmanlık..!💪💪 💎Detaylı bilgi almak ve sipariş vermek için; ☎️ 05389249121 #herbalife #herbalifenutrition #herbalifetürkiye #herbalifeistanbul #herbalifeizmir #herbalifeankara #danışman #bitkisel #beslenme #temelbeslenme #dengelibeslenme #iyibeslenme #sağlıklıbeslenme #diyet #gıdatakviyesi #lifligıdalar #sağlıklıyaşam #sağlıklıkahvaltı #shake #aloevera #protein #vitamin #mineral #yeşilçay #bitkiselçay #omega-3 #wellness #wellnesscoach #herbalifecoach #aşk
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Regrann from @gonitracore - One Arm Row - Proper Form Join Our Fitness Group (link in bio) 👉 @gonitracore Share with a friend who will benefit from this - 📷 Post Credit to @samiotaki_official - Exercising your upper back without machinery isn’t easy, but the one-arm dumbbell row does a good job. This exercise also strengthens your biceps and shoulders. Be especially careful if you have lower-back problems. . . . #getfitnow #getfitstayfit #healthylifestyles #instafitfam #instafitsociety #fitnessaddicted #getfitordietrying #instahealthy #wellnesscoach
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