Holy #flashbackfriday ladies!!! This picture was taken may 1st 2016. @lovecasey_ 21st birthday. I love you girls! The point of this post is to tell you all if it wasn't for #SamsClub I wouldn't know any of you. I have had many friends come and go through my days at sams. I am lucky to have met you all. Although our jobs can suck and be stressful at times ...how much fun and shenanigans have we had..haha🤣🤣 today I witnessed friends and family suffer through their final days at the Madison Club. I'm definitely thinking about our sams Family as they try to wrap their heads around the recent events that they are going through. So many fun and memorable relationships have been made at this company nation wide. Cheers to all my friends and family that i have met. I cherish you all. ♥️ #wemetatsams#friendships @chann15 @lovecasey_ @tat2ed_wisco_ma @hayitsroxay @halesbliss
2 months ago