These are fun .. No, really . Always enjoy what you’re doing , especially when exercising . —————————————————————-If you find you’re no longer drawn to what you’re doing , then stop doing it . Why continue doing something you derive no pleasure out of ? There’s so many ways to exercise . ————————————————————— #calisthenics #plantbased #gym #fitness #motivation #abs #metal #whitegenocide #music #scream #song : Miss May I - my sorrow
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Let's be clear: if the left merely attacked "fear of Islam," this would still be silly, but at least it would be something we could debate. But to brand such a fear as a "phobia" marks it as an a priori irrational fear: in essence, a form of bigotry. While individual Muslims can no doubt be decent and noble people, just as tame wolves do exist, the fact is that Islam the religion is by its nature dangerous to the West. Evil preaches tolerance until it is dominant, then it tries to silence good.
16 hours ago
I’m actually really glad to hear someone is working actively to help these farmers, they should get out as soon as possible because liberalism has convinced the black people they need to retaliate for the sins of generations past by ridding themselves of the white man. Nevermind that they need the white man to farm their lands but hey if they think they can do it without them more power to them only North Africa is in complete shambles with Boko Haram running around waging jihad and on top of that the governments own militia and people are literally starving eating mud and grass but yes by all means destroy South Africa too. #whitegenocide #whitegenocideawareness #southafrica #southafricanfarmers #laurensouthern #australia #fleeingpersecution #seekingasylum #liberalismkills #progressivismistheproblem #victimhoodmentality #groupthink
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