Finished 2nd in my new age group of 30-34 with a time of 1:48 at the Grimsby Half Marathon! This little girl cheering me on must have brought me good luck. Not a PR but those wind and hills at the end were tough! ❤️🥈💥 #halfmarathon #runitfast #motherrunner #womensrunningcommunity #womensrunning #getafterit #distancerunning #raceday #worlderunners #runnergirl #runnersofinstagram #raceday #run
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Alarm set ✅ Up and out at stupid o’clock ✅ Ready to run ✅ Start #TomTom ✅ Warm up walk and Get half way up hill ✅ Run ❌ It’s blowing a gail, it’s cold and my legs still hate me! Turned around and headed to my desk, early start in the office for me today #tryagaintomorrow #run #running #training #runner #womensrunning #runnersofinsta #instarunners #runningdivas #melbourneinstarunner #runnersbody #inspiringwomenrunners #noexcuses #womansrunningcommuinity #healthychoices #virtualrunnersclub #strongnotskinny #rundownunder #repost #runmum #becauseican
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Saw this quote months back but only now am I starting to understand it. Had a little melt down on my poor hubby yesterday. Questioning how on Earth I’m going to get my long runs up mile wise, feel like I’ve still got so far to go!! Plus I’ve been feeling some major guilt for how much the training was starting to impact the girls and the amount of time I’m seeing them at the weekends. Working full time, having two little people to care for, fundraising stress etc, I defo under estimated it all. But....we’ve got a new plan, long runs on Fridays straight after work, two run commutes home in the week to get the speed work in and if possible one run early Sunday mornings but no beating myself up if I can’t! Defo hard work this marathon malarky isn’t it!!!!
15 minutes ago
#SundayDoubleRunDay Really need to up my miles for my marathon training, so after tackling Greenwich Park this morning... I went out in the sunshine and ran around the countryside (more plodding, than running!) but definitely added a few more miles on the clock! And I loved being out in the sunshine! #8WeeksTilBrightonMarathon ♥️🏃🏼‍♀️☀️ • • • • • #RunThroughUK #Sunshine #ReachYourGoal #BritishHeartFoundation #Countryside #Kent #Runner #Runners #MarathonTraining #BrightonMarathon #BHF2018 #RunningGirl #IAmARunner #InstaRun #RunningCommunity #RunnersWorld #WomensRunning #InstaRunners #IGRunners #RunnersOfInstagram #ILoveRunning #RunAddict #RunnersCommunity #RunHappy #RunTime #Nike #Adidas
23 minutes ago iba a subir hoy esta foto pero creo que lo tenía que hacer ya que casualmente me han mencionado en varios posts sobre cambios de cuerpo,y me estáis escribiendo x privado muchas personas preguntándome cómo lo he conseguido. Decir que respeto a las personas que se operan para conseguir adelgazar...tengo varias amigas que lo han hecho ya que durante muchos años de dietas lo han dado por imposible y ya les empezaba a afectar a nivel de salud. Yo nunca pasaría por un quirófano para ponerme tetas,quitarme michelines,quitarme grasa abdominal o de cadera...más que nada porque soy una cagona y segundo porque creo que primero hay que luchar por conseguir un cuerpo mejor por voluntad y sacrificio propio. Yo he ido a un médico que me ha ayudado a tener una disciplina ha enseñado que comer y que no... Me ha enseñado a que puedo ello me has subido la autoestima..creyendo en que si se puede.. Claro que nadie me ha regalado nada...todo el verano a base de dieta..ejercicio diario y mucha confianza. No hay más batidos Herbalife,ni pastillas mágicas...Cerrar la boca ante amentos procesados y dulces y abrirla ante mucha fruta,verdura y demás cosas saludables.. Eso sí...mi cuerpo ha mejorado.11 kilos menos pero cuesta mucho que con mi edad y dos embarazos a mis espaldas la piel vuelvo a estar nos engañemos..los años están ahí!!!!!! Así que bueno me encanta ayudaros en vuestras preguntas y leer que os motivo... Soy una mami cualquiera que lucha por no dejarse y quererse como tiene que ser...Porque si tú no te quieres...difícilmente te querrán!♥️
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26 minutes ago
Yesterday’s long run was done inside again... but I managed to have a pretty great pace for the first 16 miles, which let me speed up for the last two! I’m really trying to take these long runs easier than my last round of training, and I think this time it did me some good - I felt like I could have kept running by the end, and my legs weren’t sore this morning at all! . Today was a short 4 mile run, which was okay. I’ll be changing up my schedule this week because Mr. RRV and I are going on a mini vacation this coming weekend!! 😊😊 . #longrun #planetfitness #treadmillrun
27 minutes ago
Ran at the park so Frank could run off leash. I love seeing him so happy. Just like mom running makes his heart happy♥️ I ran just over 4 miles. Frank on the other hand was running circles around me and probably ran closer to 6 miles.
27 minutes ago
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