“Bizarre traveling plans are dancing lessons from God.” -Kurt Vonnegut 💙💦☘️🇬🇩 #StGeorge #Grenada #GreenGoblin #StPatricksDay #WomenWhoTravel #WomenWhoExplore #BlackGirlMagic
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Bird’s eye view of the Medina of Fez. I love this picture because it gives you an idea of just how intricate and maze-like the streets are; there is no grid-like pattern (which can be found in many modern cities). I got lost in Fez on more than one occasion. Sometimes accidentally and sometimes purposefully (when @asunnierlife and I set out to explore the less touristy areas of Fez). If you get really lost there are plenty of locals who will lead you out...for a price. If you are not really lost, but are simply wandering and/or are having fun trying to find your way through the maze, watch out for a scam we found ourselves in the middle of. If someone asks you if you want help and you say no but they continue to walk with you, make it very clear that you are not lost and you will not be paying them...otherwise, once you have found your way to where you want to go, they will claim they lead you out and that you owe them money. . Despite this, I absolutely loved Fez. We met some amazing people on our off the beaten path ramble through Fez. And the artisans! The level of skill blew me away. If you want pottery, buy it here...you will not find the same level of quality again (one of my regrets!) #medina #fez #fes #rambleher
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// 12 COUNTRIES UNDER £6K // It's a fact of life that there's no way you can ever anticipate and plan for every possible outcome. It's never more true when you are at the edge of your comfort zone. All sorts of unexpected things can happen when you are traveling, whether good, bad or disastrous. In time though these experiences provide best stories as they are guaranteed to get some laughs from friends hearing it for the first time. What tops your list of the most unexpected things that have happened to you when travelling? 🍍 🍍 🍍 #sheisnotlost#traveldreamseekers#travelgirlsgo#prettylittletrips#citizenfemme#womenwhotravel#traveltagged#traveldreamseekers#wanderingwomen#girlmeetsglobe#theglobalgirls#girlvglobe#toplondonphoto#teamkaptainkenny#wetravelgirls#damestravel#lpinstatakeover#culturetrip#travellingthrough#londonbylondoners#explorelondon#gramminginlondon#mydarlinglondon#mysecretlondon#londoner#goingoutlondon#travelerinlondon
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“Sagada: Not Just for the Broken-Hearted” ❤️ (Story soon in When in Manila🙏) Sabi nila, Sagada is the place where broken-hearts go. Siguro nga. Dahil after 12 hours na byahe at ilang matataas na bundok, one can feel as if you’re transported to a place away from it all. Yes, it’s literally far from the city. Hence, the feeling of freedom to disconnect in order to reconnect. But, I beg to disagree when they say mga broken-hearted lang pumupunta sa Sagada because I’ve met happy hearts too - hopeful, inspired, strong and optimistic hearts who believe that someday, we will find what we are looking for. Or maybe not. Maybe, we’ll find something or someone much greater than that.✨ #wheninmanilaadventures
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Beach, please 🌊
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