SO STOKED to be featured on @sothefairytaleslied today with my article on just getting life back together after kids and whether I want more! 😳 thanks for the feature girls! LINK IN THEIR BIO 👇🏼 . .
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mooonworks 🌖 & @little.rice . NothingnessMeme No.2 . 在巴黎駐名的Henri Cartier-Bresson Foundation看過Raymond Derpardon的展覽“Traverser”,我來到這裡的頂樓,遇見一盆正在曬太陽的植物。 我們已習慣每天被資訊與產品包圍,媒體廣告從小灌輸我們生活質素等於滿足物慾。相比之下,這小盆栽比我們懂得生活。 轉角那棵開滿花的大樹,在街道上起舞的落葉,盤旋在屋頂的飛鳥,從他們身上觀察生命,學習生活吧,最好的導師一直在我們身邊。 . In Paris, one of the places I went to was the famous Henri Cartier-Bresson Foundation. After visiting the exhibition of Raymond Derpardon’s “Traverser”, I went to the top floor to read their photo books. Here, I saw this plant having a sunbathe next to the window. Everyday, we are surrounded with things. Phones, TVs, cars, bags, clothes, products... Adverts showing what’s the next best thing to own, the materialistic things. When do we see things with life? Things that grow and change and respond? Flowers that are blossoming on the tree around the corner, Leaves that are falling on the pavements, Birds that are circulating on the top of the buildings, Do you notice them at all? Do you see life? . Follow . | #NothingnessMeme | by michelle rice chan x project mooon @ Memes & Friends 2018 . photography & original diary @little.rice design & chinese translation @project.mooon . #projectmooon #mooonworks #littledotrice #memesandfriends #mooonfriends
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mooonworks 🌖 & @little.rice . NothingnessMeme No.03 . 在我的攝影世界,菲林是一位令我又愛又恨的夥伴,總能帶來意想不到的驚喜。菲林影像需要等待。不同菲林的特性,時間控制,藥水的選擇,還有在沖洗的過程,都影響著影像的呈現。 . 一般來說,我們不希望影像出現花痕,會主觀地認為影像不能用了。但細心觀察,那些看似缺陷的痕跡反而形成了一種獨特性,一份意外驚喜。 . 在這張照片裡,那些花痕給予影像一種虛幻感。用攝影的語言,我們會說這是一個好作品,全因那些花痕的存在,是那些不完美造就了完美。 . I love and hate using films in my photography. That’s because there’s this uncertainty of what they will turn out. Unlike digital cameras where you get to see the images instantly, the only way to find out is when you develop them. The characteristics of the film, the time, the chemicals used and the way you handle in the developing, they all have an effect on the images captured. Scratches on films are the worst. Immediately I would think that image is ruined. But funny thing is, sometimes there are surprises. Good surprises. And that’s what I love about films. The scratches on this film adds “dreamyness” to the image. In photography language we say, “This photograph works.” And it’s all because of the scratches. The Imperfections are what made it perfect. Your imperfections are what makes you perfect. . Follow . | #NothingnessMeme | by michelle rice chan x project mooon @ Memes & Friends 2018 . photography & original diary @little.rice design & chinese translation @project.mooon . #projectmooon #mooonworks #littledotrice #memesandfriends #mooonfriends
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Blowing away the cobwebs today before another busy work week. What do you like to do to when you take a break from work? . . . . . . . #workwell #worklifebalance #seaside #sunnysoutheast #courtown #wexford #smm #girlboss #sme
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Although I look like a science experiment - this is truly the most effective treatment for those stubborn muscle knots! I have acupuncture with electrostimulation on my upper back and 2 cups on my lower back. These increase blood flow, relax the muscle and reduce pain. #selfcare thank you to my ND @dr_cook_nd for my care :) #acupuncture
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Sunday comparisons - last one was spent drinking gin all day with @sparky_1310 🍸 today I just finished a 12-hour shift 😴 #ginfestival #worklifebalance #ginconnoisseur #shiftworker @ginfestival
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Hi guys. It's been a while. I miss all the creative work I used to do on here, so I'm back! I feel like I'm returning to an old friend who I haven't seen in ages. For anyone new here, I'm Ifrah! A UI/ UX Designer and a lover of creative things. Trying to work on the whole work/ life balance and finding time to still connect to a creative side is where I find myself today. I don't want to be stuck in a work mentality all the time, or have no more time to enjoy all of God's creation, so here is Bismillah to starting over. . . #brushcalligrahy #calligraphy #bismillah #lettering #moderntype #digitalart #uidesigner #worklifebalance #handlettering #calligraphy #pinkfeed #pastelhues #salameveryone #muslimartist #muslimcreatives
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Bisschen Spaß muss sein 😂 #worklifebalance ------------------------------------- #fitx #fitxcoach #workout #kurzhanteln #balance #fun #fitfam #forallofus #Fitness
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