William Scurry: Australian soldier:World War 1. william born in 1985. He was a soldier in the first world war. He joined Gallipoli 1915. The Australian infantry lost many infantry for trying to retreat back to the ship. He invented the dip rifle. Dip rifle is a self firing rifle by using the water movement to tricking the Enemy to think that the allies still in the trench. The Allies left the beach with no casualties. William served in both world wars. He die in 1963. #history#worldwar2 #worldwar1#gallipoli
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The Lee Enfield: world war 1: world war 2: rifle: infantry: the SMLE or the short magazine lee enfield were first produced in 1903 after the Long Lee 1895. The Rifle serves in many wars but today we are going to talk about world war 1-2. The lee enfield Is a bolt action rifle for the British and all the allies in the first world war. The rifle use the .303 British caliber as a ammunition. The Lee enfield No.1 Mk 3 were used in world war 1 and the No.4 Mk 1 were used in the second world war. The rifle is one of the best bolt action rifle in all history. #worldwar2 #worldwar1 #leeenfield #British #history
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"WWII… freed survivors of Intramuros, Manila, Philippines, February 23, 1945." . The Japanese refused to retreat beyond the civilian areas of Manila as the American and Filipino forces moved in on the old city. Instead the Japanese embarked on a savage quest to rid Manila of Filipinos and collectively punish the civilians for Japan's barbaric occupation having failed. While the Japanese did not view Filipinos as human, the American military made it painfully clear that it would not risk US lives to spare the trapped civilians. The bombardments were thorough and deadly. Filipinos who had endured the Japanese hedonism were subjected to the might of the American armed forces. Freedom never comes to these islands easily. It has been restored through the blood of common Filipinos who refused to go to their graves without a fight. It came through hundreds of years of perseverance and countless generations refusing to give in. If there is anything that best defines the spirit of the Pinoy people it is that of their resilience and courage in the face of death itself. . . . . . . . . . #Philippines #Pilipinas #Pinas #Pilipino #Filipino #Pinoy #Pinay #Filipinas #PhilippinesHistory #FilipinoHistory #PinoyHistory #History #War #WorldWarTwo #WorldWar2 #WW2 #America #USA #US #Japan #Manila #Intramuros #PinoyPride #FilipinoPride
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From my grandfather’s service during WWII - 4 years in the army in the medical corps.
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