Mr. Overton looking sharp with cousin Volma Overton and long time friend Martin Wilford at the 2016 US Army All-American Bowl. 🇺🇸😎
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Caption this...⠀ ⠀ 📸: Wyatt McSpadden
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These are my final photos for my photojournalism class this quarter...My topic was “A Salute to Service” Moving from active duty to Veteran status is a significant change. You may have a lot on your mind as you reunite with family and reintegrate into your community. You may also be coping with injuries you sustained in service to our nation. #veteran#military#militaryservice#asalutetoservice#likes#navy#marines#army#dod#aisdca#ai#aiproud#sd#sandiego#artschool#photojournalism#photojournalist#WWIIVeteran
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Enjoy your Friday 🇺🇸😎
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#tbt to Mr. Overton in his front yard with cigars in his pocket - not much has changed 😎
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Dad would’ve been 92 today, I miss him, and our weekly lunches together. I wish I could take him to lunch today. The @IceHouseRye was his favorite place to eat, every Thursday & always seafood! Also pictured, my daughter with him on his birthday last year and a fav photo of Dad and I, when I was 5. #iloveyoudad #thursdaylunches #RyeNH #daddaughter #icehouserye #lobsterroll #seacoastlately #birthdaytoday @apcamby @bryancampbell22
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Doris Riley served as an electrician with the United States Coastguard during WWII, building motorized lifeboats. While stationed in Bunker Hill, Indiana, she met her future husband, who ran bombing missions in Italy with the Army Air Corps. —————————— American success during the war was built on the backs of people like Doris whose dedication and hard work on the home front turned the United States into the military superpower it became over the course of the war.
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Happy 93rd birthday, Gramps! Jeffrey is so lucky to get to know his great grandpa! Your love for him and for me is such a constant in our lives. Thanks for a lifetime of service, in WWII, as a Cleveland police officer, and as a father. #alwaysbecelebrating #happybirthday #wwiiveteran #momlife #neolifestyle #clevelandbloggers #waybackwednesday #wbw
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#Rensta #Repost: @_c_e_l_e_n_t_a_n_o_ “ Друзья! Бабушка моего друга Димы - участник войны и ветеран труда -ОЧЕНЬ нуждается в нашей поддержке. Надежда Павловна Романова (во время войны - Лысунова) тяжело болеет. Вся свою жизнь (96 лет) она служила людям, работала в род.доме и на пенсии, до последнего времени была в строю, посещала музей блокады, чтобы общаться с молодёжью. Очень хочется обеспечить ей достойный уход, особый для её 96 лет. К сожалению, медицинские и ветеранские структуры Санкт-Петербурга, где она сейчас живет, не могут оказывать ей достойную помощь, администрация района также вспоминает о ветеранах только 23 февраля и 9 мая. Вопрос не в больших деньгах, а в неравнодушии и уходе. Хотя бы 2 раза в неделю нужна помощь - поднять больную, чтобы поменять постель. Также Надежде Павловне очень нужны противопролежневый матрас, средства ухода и лекарства. Прошу неравнодушных помочь! Карточка Димы привязана к его телефону 8 965 787 4007 Материалы - фотография Надежды Павловны военных лет, статья о её нелегком жизненном пути, характеристика из госпиталя, выступление в музее Блокады, наградной документ и фотография с её внуком Димой. #помощь #ветеран #помощьветеранам #ветеранвов #нужнапомощь #нужнапомощьветерану #помощьпенсионерам #благотворительность #помогите #помогиветерану #helpavet #wwiivet #wwiiveteran
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What #History looks like. My Uncle Jesse Oxendine (actually my cousin, but we called him Uncle) passed away in February (1926-2017), a #WWIIveteran (Army Airborne), pharmacist, and historian. And one of the greatest preservationists of #Lumbeehistory to ever live. Today I got to visit with my cousins Mark and Jenny, who showed me just a fraction of his treasures. Thank God for people who see value in the past and protect our stories. 1-a ledgerbook from a Lumbee merchant 2-cousins 3-drugstore remnants 4-a wooden postcard from a Lumbee sweetheart 5-An article before the infamous Lumbee ambush of the KKK in 1958. #lumsofinstagram
6 days ago
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