I just received my certificate for what I consider to be my first “official” educational workshop as a sex educator. (Hey, I got a certificate with CEU’s towards eventual AASECT credentials, right?) The purpose of this workshop is for those working in the field of sexuality to expose themselves to a variety of sexual behaviors and pieces of identity in order to process their own biases and judgements. I consider it baseline for foundational awareness in knowing myself more so that I may better hold space and support others and teach from a place of open but empowering discernment. It was intense. And exciting. And triggering. And more than anything else, what I got from the experience is the overwhelmingly clear realization that I fucking LOVE exploring this part of being human. I love talking with others to normalize bodies and prioritize pleasure and consent and hold space for the inevitable struggles. I love the process of continually opening my mind to expand concepts of “normal.” Curiosity. Pleasure. Pain. Contradictions. Taboos. Gender. Identity. So much! Aaand... I recognized that I will ALWAYS be in process as a practitioner and as a person. Forever in the spaces between wondering feverishly in a dreamscape and then suddenly waking in epiphanies (which eventually just lead to more questions.) ;) I LOVE this work. The mental stimulation itself of sexual fascination makes all the stigma, shame, and sexual repression feel like tiny pebbles in the pond. I’m so thankful to be growing with sex positive communities and professionals and opportunities for reciprocal support around me. ❤️❤️❤️ I don’t say it often, but damn I’m really proud of myself right now.
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