Me too. Me too. Not "you do." A statement of experience, not a generalized accusation. A normalizing of the survivor, not the perpetrator A call of solidarity toward social change, not a war cry of division. A movement to empower the silenced, not a conspiracy to silence all others. An assertion of the right to be free of violation, not "making a fuss." About finding our strength, not coddling fragility. About taking control of the discomfort faced in our daily lives, not inconveniencing yours.  About recognizing that there is a problem, a pervasive cultural problem, not sweeping it under the rug to keep the peace. Whose peace? The perpetrator's? The bystander's? If this makes you uneasy, welcome. Welcome to the uncomfortable world of those who say "me too". We know that #notallmen but you must understand that #yesallwomen, and so many men and children too. Far too many people are affected by this. It only takes one perpetrator, and a few blind-eyed bystanders, for hundreds to be. This is not about you. It is about what you can do - believe, support, recognize,  react - to make this world a safer and more comfortable place  for #everyone. “It is most perilous to be a speaker of Truth. Sometimes one must choose to be silent, or silenced.  But if a truth cannot be spoken, it must at least be known.  Even if you dare not speak truth to others, never lie to yourself.” -Frances Hardinge Abuse, in its many various forms, thrives in silence. Be silent no longer.
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These ladies were my MVP's during the planning and execution of #omacilaunchparty From driving to Costco's, cooking together, to decorating. We even prayed together before and during the event. They drove all the way from Rockland County & Co-Op City two days in a row to help. I am forever grateful to have friends like you. Thank you so much for all the time and efforts you put in to make the @omacifoundation Launch Party a success! I would not have done it without you. @orewa_soul @chukwu_dey ~ ~ ~ #omacifoundation #omacilaunchparty #launchparty #BLESSED #GodIsGood #sistersinChrist #women #education #africanwomen #blackwomen #pregnancy #birth #infancy #maternalmortality #ourmothers #infantmortality #change #yesallwomen #midwifery #midewives #doula #homebirth #WHO #usaid #worldhealthorganization #globalhealth #health #blackmothersmatter
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Wise words from a wise woman 😌
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Send me flowers, not unsolicited nudes. #WomanOnTop
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There seems to be this new breed of "feminist" fuckboy men who portray a false facade as feminist allies to women - when they are anything but. They claim to see women as equals, but then objectify women behind closed doors. They claim to respect women, but tag along to their mates' fucked up jokes about women, racism and other bullshit Beware of these monsters. They may appear charming at first, but they are deadly as fuck.
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Lisa knows it. 👆
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Be yourself regardless what others might say about you. Just be YOU and you will shine so bright!!! #beyourownkindofbeautifulnetwork 💞💞💞
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Ok no offense but like white people gotta speak ONE lang and they can't even get that right. Like y'allz grammar mistakes through the rooooof
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Got the Monday blues? Well, girls across India are experiencing #MondayReds instead. Don't let their periods hold them back. 🍎🇮🇳 #GiveHer5
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#MeToo So we collaborated with @happinessansh at Me Too, An informal conversation. We wanted to know what everyone felt about the social media movement turned campaign and how they connect themselves. It was an incredible dialogue and we're proud of everyone who shared their personal incidents and even the ones who didn't. We believe conversations have the power to change. That's why we're #dylogg. Sharing a few pointers: - Sexual assault / harassment / abuse is more than often not an act born out of perversion. It comes from latent frustration desire of power. - Role of family (and conscious parenting) as a support system to create safe spaces for conversations, both to nurture compassion with a victim and deconstruct an abuser's mind has become more important than ever - We must not place our identities in solely our bodies. We are much more than our bodies and cannot be defeated by acts of violence that are done to break us. - We must understand that because of the stigma & taboos we are unable to address pressing issues like child sexual abuse especially for male survivors & even perpetrators in need of therapy. Patriarchy & gender stereotypes have affected both genders and we must keep addressing this over & over again - We all need to practice a change of narrative. The way we report things need to shift the blame from the victim to the assaulter. Let's change how we perceive victims and be catalysts for change. See what Dainik Bhaskar & DB Post have to say. Please feel free to share your thoughts. #sexualabuse #harassment #socialmedia #campaign #dylogg #dylogg_bhopal #perpetrator #assualt #speakup #dialogue #conversation #event #closedroom #jam #bhopal #india #smashthepatriarchy #women #childsexualabuse #india #yesallwomen #notallmen #family
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