Happy Sunday! Know your worth. You are worthy of everything you desire. You deserve everything you want. Don’t let anyone ever convince you to settle for less. Be patient because the kind of love you envision for yourself, the kind that seems like you can only find in fairytales and movies, the all encompassing and fulfilling love, is out there waiting to find you and for you to find it. #love #inpsiration #mantra #youaremagnificent #youareworthy // #Repost @sweetzthoughts with @get_repost ・・・ Never allow anybody to half love you. You deserve the full package and if they're not willing to give you that, they're not the right one for you. #MSosa #LetGo #Youdeservebetter #NotLove #Quote
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Congratulations Moksha Yoga 2018 YTT graduates!! These women showed up for themselves and each other 3x a week over a 7 month period of time. Laughter, tears and depth depth depth. We went way beyond asana and grew together as a sangha, an intentional community of love and support. I will miss being with you each week and celebrate your expansion in the world. Your light, your voices are magnificent!! Brava!! I see yoU ✨✨✨💛🔥💥🎉💓 #ytt200 #yttgraduation #yogaismorethanasana #mokshayogaphx #iseeyou #youaremagnificent #sangha #leadwithlove #innermostwisdom
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Embrace all that you are. You are magnificent. Art by @chadknight #youaremagnificent #youaremagic #youareworthy #iamworthy #theview #iamenough
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GIVEAWAY and thank you for this review from @bookadayblogspot: This book is simply fabulous! Every woman and teenage girl really should read it. I loved everything about it, I didn't want to put it down and I may have finished it faster than I finish most novels. I love the way the author's tone is in this book. She talks to the reader as if the reader was her very best friend. She gives the best advice about how you can feel as though you are enough, and actually even magnificent. This book made me feel as though I am wonderful just the way I am. I loved that each and every chapter includes stories from the author's life, stories about people that she knows. And at the end of each chapter there is a challenge for the reader to complete that goes along with the chapter. Someone asked me the other day what my favorite book I'd read within the last 6 months was, I said this one. It's hard for me to pick favorites, but this one really is amazing! I loved everything about this book! Make sure you pick it up, it's fantastic! http://mybookaday.blogspot.com/2018/03/blog-tour-you-are-more-than-enough-you.html
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Hi Love! Just a little message that I keep hearing and wanted to pop in here and share it and with you along with more Baby Mark love and sweetness. 😊💗🌟 . May you know you’re as magnificent, worthy and a blessing to all as you have always been since you’ve arrived here. . There is no one else like you and that is your biggest gift. . You may not know what your reason for Be-ing is yet, or the exact nature of your purpose but know that it’s important because you are here. . What is right in front of you is what’s calling to you right now. . With love, joy and gratitude of what is here in the present you will be given more. . More clarity. . More joy. . More love. . More to be grateful for. . Patience. . There’s plenty of time, relax, soften, be as present as possible and know it will be revealed and it’s only going to get better. 🙏🏻😘💗🎉✨ . With Love, Abundance & Grace, ❤️Brandy and Mark III 😘😘😘 . #youaremagnificent #youareworthy #magical #miraculous #agiftfromgod #loveiswhywerehere #thebestisyettocome #keepthefaith #loveiswhywerehere #intuitive #intuitivecoaching #positivevibes #positivemindset #love #mompreneur #soulpreneur #gratitude #beinjoy #lightworker #5monthsold #postpartum #mamahood #motherhood #purpose
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This is one of the most powerful ideas we can bring to our awareness!! Remembering this shifts me away from whatever fears, self-doubts, or limiting beliefs may be playing out in my mind, every time! 😆👌❤️
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I remember listening to my first meditation track a few months ago, and I WEPT within seconds of it starting... because it affirmed my GOODNESS and my beauty and my light and my love in a way I had never been affirmed before. It affirmed ME. . I found more affirmation in those 5 minutes of meditation than I had in the entire 33 years I spent in the christian church. . Listening to that track made me realize how deeply wounded I was from believing I was a fundamentally flawed and broken person. . And I wanted to undo that. . So I've had to stop going to church. I've had to stop reading the bible. I've had to stop listening to praise and worship music. . And I had to start sitting still. I had to stop running from my own fears and sit down with them and face them head on. . And you know what I found? . That my fears are wayyy smaller when spoken aloud than when I keep them in my head. . I actually sat down, typed up my worst fears, and worked my way through each one. . I would ask myself, what if this fear comes true? What then? And I would walk myself through that hypothetical scenario. . And you know what? It wasn't that bad. . I found my fears lost their power once I faced them head-on. . And they lost their grip on me once that happens. . And good riddance fears!! . I don't need you anymore. . I have a freakin beautiful life that I'm living RIGHT NOW and it's only going to get better. I'm not going to let you scare me out of a glorious life. . You've had your turn. Love is now having its turn, and I COULDN'T BE MORE EXCITED. . So to those of you who have spent way too much of your life despising yourself and hiding in fear, I say to you: . You are nothing short of a miracle! You are freakin breathtaking! Your presence is a gift to this world and your beauty is exactly what this world needs! . So rise and shine in all your glory, for it is by your light and love that you will be healed and this world will be saved. . You are magnificent. Don't let anyone - your fears or even yourself(!) - tell your otherwise. . You are perfect as you are. 💗💗💗 #TruthOfTheDay #WisdomWednesday #YouAreMagnificent #YouAreWhole #YouAreComplete #YouAreGood #InYourCorner
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🔮Wednesday Wisdom🔮 ✨Pearls are the product of a trauma, plain and simple. Either by an irritant on the inside (like the harmful things we tell ourselves) or from damage to the outside of the shell (such as allowing someone else’s words to have power over us and cause us pain in some capacity), an oyster is miraculously able to take this distress and turn it into something beautiful. ✨We have all gone through hardships that were out of our control, we have all been dealt unfair hands at one time or another, we have all put ourselves through unfair or unwarranted agony...yet we all possess the ability to take these misfortunes and difficulties and grievances, learn from them and build on the lessons learned. Like an oyster covers its injuries layer by layer until a pearl is formed, we must remind ourselves *and each other* over and over that we are worthy and capable and deserving. No matter what has been thrown at us, or what we have thrown at ourselves, we CAN turn the tides and make something magnificent out of our lives. . . #nogritnopearl #pinupsmovement #pinupsmotivation #pinupspa #pinupsboutique #pinupsbiloxi #pinupspascagoula #biloxi #biloxims #pascagoula #pascagoulams #southerncoast #msgulfcoast #wisdomwednesday #encourageeachother #encourageyourself #empoweredwomen #inspiredwomen #independentwomen #weareenough #youareenough #livewhatyoulove #lovewhatyoulive #southmsgulfcoast #youaremiraclous #youaremagnificent #beapearl
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