Lady Bird. I start this out without any reference or synopsis read. But it turns out to be the most humble, but strong, nominee so far I've seen. It doesn't flow as it is a movie or scripted. It flew just like you see your own life. Yes because the story is very very relatable with my family. Seeing Lady Bird is like seeing what everyday happen to my sis and my mom. They're both tough and stubborn women. They fight everyday. But I know they love each other, they just can say it verbally. Lady Bird gave us everyday, just another family, problem. But this is her power. They felt close. They felt more like documentary of a teenager girl in her way to become a woman. The storry telling got us the way our friend tell her story. So humble, so true, but so good. A. #LadyBird #moviereview #zemview
3 days ago
Darkest Hour. If two previous movie I saw give us each characters story and substory. This one is quite different. This movie is just about one man, and his supporting systems. This one is a sole stage of Gary Oldman to shine brighter. Unlike Johny Depp who always reprise his act as lunatic man, Gary Oldman can play as very different characters. He can be a Dracula, a Scientice, a Police Commissioner, a Bad Godfather, and this very resemblant of Winston Churchill. As if you watch Reza Rahadian as Rudy Habibie, or Tjokroaminoto, or Benyamin Sueb (eh?). Okay, the movie itself is high in tense. Churchill first month after being a Prime Minister. How everybody underestimate him. Thought of him being a bad choice. This first month was so tense. He has to take action for UK's difficult situation against Nazi, and also to overcome people's judging of him. The plot is good and enjoyable. As a semi-biography of a politician and a leader, this one bring no sleepy time. Very good way to take a glimpse of UK's position of WW II. And I vote Gary Oldman for this year Oscar best actor. Overall, very good movie, with many motivation quotes. A. #DarkestHour #moviereview #zemview
7 days ago
Three Billboard Outside Ebbing Missouri. Wow, that's a long title. Wow, that's also long enough run time. And Wow, that's a solid Wow movie. I could say easily it's better than Shape of Water (I haven't see Darkest Hour yet, let's see). Murder in a small town always change its environment. That happens in Ebbing where Mrs. hayes lost her daughter who have been raped and murdered, and the police department can't bring justice to it. So she rent three billboard outside town to bring back focus to the policemen to take this case. Like Shape of Water, the bold point to this movie is the characters. But here, the characters gone more deep. Every character has their sub-story. And most of it is really deep in feeling. The plot here take us up and down, giggles and cry, and wondering what will happen next till the very end. The scenery of the billboards location is also so good and relaxing. In the end of the day, some problems might trigger another problems, some cases might remain open. But that's life to live on. We can't look back over and over again, cause that may hurt others. A really nice movie. Worth to watch. A- #threebillboardsoutsideebbingmissouri #moviereview #zemview
10 days ago
The Shape of Water. Yuu I'm back for this year Oscar's most nominee. Honestly I dont think this movie is that best, it's good but not that best. It's just Romeo and Julliet with mythical creature level. And also with happy ending. But that is the uniqueness of the movie. Set on the time after WW II, when race and disability is still a matter. There's a mute orphan girl who want to be loved fully. In that time, the only person who can give love that much is lonely mythical creature. Big point of this movie is the characters. Beside that two lover, there are mute girl friends, old gay broke man and chatty black women. There also the US boss who doesn't enjoy his place but still want tho show his good work performance, and good Russian doctor who doesn't really like his recruiter. Everyone, good or bad, have their own problem they have to face (don't we all?). Character is the big strength of this movie. Even the lover, we can see how they love each other with nothing but just body language and what they doing. No cheesy line as Dilan did (eh?). Overall It's a dialogueless romance movie with good background and characters and plot. An enjoyable one. B. #Theshapeofwater #moviereview #zemview
16 days ago
Star Wars : The Last Jedi. I know it's outdate. But lemme write about this Eps VIII. Okay, it has mix reviewed, but beside of plotholes Star Wars Fans talk about, this movie still bring Star Wars aura on it. The spaceship intergalactic war graphic is awesome. That final move is spectacular. But the story.. I dont know I have mix feeling. Until the Snoke ship tear apart is best to end the movie. But last Resistance fight in that planet is like an anticlimax. But it quite good too. For character. Somehow I like Rey-Ben position and connection thru the movie. And I like their balance, their confusion of place. Their back to back fight in Red Room, Oh God, is epic. Luke character, whom die hard fans (and even Hamill himself) didnt accept entirely as who should be Luke Skywalker is, I found it logical. For a Legend who has disappoint himself for his mistake, waiting death comes in nowhere planet is a logic punishment. But that ending for Luke, I dont really get it how come he ended up like that. Some characters has their spotlight, Poe's development, Finn and Rose sidestory. Holden (?) too. BB-8 and Porgs are cuteee. Overall, good movie with not really good ending. Just dont feel right. B+ #starwars #thelastjedi #moviereview #zemview
2 months ago
Marvel Netflix's The Punisher. This serial deserve a posting. We've been thru a story about The Defender on Marvel Netflix serials. Some is hell good as Hell's Kitchen Daredevil. Some pretty bad as The Protector of Kun Lun crybaby Iron Fist. But this fan crawling for its own spin-off after his show in season 2 of Daredevil, was surprisingly amazing. Netflix always show humanity side of a super-(or anti)-heroes. So does The Punisher. Yea we saw him punches and shoots and kills with bloody gore. But we saw him more as a mourn husband and father. The feel was so real. We really want to see he do his revenge. Burn that corrupt government guy. We love to see this bloody scene. And his chemistry with Micro is so good. Love hate bromance relationship. Yes it was slow and flat in the early episodes. Eps 1-5 is character introducing. Eps 6-9 is conflict introducing. Eps 10-12 is the climax (you'll love eps 10 storytelling). And Eps 13 is the personal anti climax. I really recommend this serial. For a fun one season only binge watch. Try this one. If you dare to see much blood. A. #ThePunisher #moviereview #zemview
3 months ago
Justice League. Finally DCEU most wanting movie has been premiered. Everybody waiting for. But please, set your expectation fairly. Lets talk the negative first. CGI was poor in some scene, mostly on scene when character zoom in with greenscreen background, final editing of the background seems so fake. But for fighting scene animation everythings fine. Recruitment story take most screentime. Final fight was just half an hour. We need more duration. There were some plotholes. And in this movie seems no one citizen there or 'other' people but the heroes and co. But the real problem is, nothing surprise us from the story. Like, yea we already know far from the premiere date where the story goes and how it will end. Sorry fans, all crazy theories won't come true. No cameos of other heroes or villain (til the very end post credit), except from flashback story of past great war which was epic af. Okay, now the positives. Ezra Miller as Barry Allen steal the show. Every each dialogue he has is very good joke bit. Wonder Woman still gorgeous, there is booty flash of her (pasti dikomen Dina yg ini dan dianggap sexist dan anti-feminist). Character development is great, except Batman, Bruce doesn't feel smart here. And some scenes really Snyder comical style, like watching comic into real life. Overall. Watching favorite Heroes team up still our childhood dream comes true. Still a good superheroes movie. C #JusticeLeague #moviereview #zemview
3 months ago
Thor Ragnarok. How can we call genre nowaday? Superhero Action with Comedical dialogue set in Scifi Intergalactical background. I like how this movie separate its theme, dark in Asgard part and fun in Sakaar part. All characters did well, but Strange has too little screen time (but still good). Story is good. And the jokes is hillarious, funnier than GoTG vol 2, literally stomach cramp made. Cuk lucu pol. Everything has its portion. A lil too much jokes, some adult jokes but thanks our translator did his job (ship for Orgy stuff = Pesawat untuk berpesta-pora). My opinion, Thor turns bit crazy after his "mutual dump". Overall, good for standalone movie, but I dont want Avangers movie to be this too much funny. B+ #thorragnarok #moviereview #zemview
4 months ago
Pengabdi Setan. Joko Anwar memang nama yg tidak bisa disepelekan di industri perfilman Indonesia. Meskipun film yg dibuat hampir pasti bukan tipe film komersil yg mengejar jumlah penonton jutaan tapi dengan cerita yg gajelas. Film ini dibangun dengan platform horror model Amerika pada umumnya. Rumah tua, terisolasi, dua lantai, anak kecil, dan ahli spiritual (yg di film ini hanya sebagai bumbu pemanis). Separo awal teknik horror nya jg berbau ala James Wan, banyaknya jumpscare. Namun separo akhir justru beralih ke ala Walking Dead. Apalah film horror tanpa intensitas musiknya. Suasana musik mencekam sudah dimainkan sejak awal, tapi entah kenapa di fase klimaks terakhir saya kurang dapat merasakannya lagi. Film horror akhir2 ini lebih menonjolkan akting anak2 kecil. Dan karakter Boni dan Ian cukup kuat disini. Ian yg lucu saat tanpa suara, tp begitu ada suara nya terdengar aneh malah. Yang mengganggu disini hanya wig Dimas Aditya yg seolah2 potongan anak 80an. Satu lagi yg paling mengganggu dan menakutkan, body Tara Basro, ugh, She's damn hot af. Secara keseluruhan, Joko Anwar berhasil membuat film horror yang membuat anda membenci bunyi lonceng di malam hari. Yang pasti level film ini sudah sejajar dengan horror2 Hollywood itu. Dan ending misteriusnya itu, sepertinya akan ada trilogi lagi, atau ini bagian dr trilogi yang lalu? Nanti malam saya akan coba tonton versi asli Pengabdi Setan sebagai perbandingan. #PengabdiSetan #moviereview #zemview
5 months ago
Annabelle 2 : Creation. Yap as it titled, this is prequel of Annabelle we know, which is spin-off of The Conjuring series. Yap it's already that far. I even dont remember Annabelle movie story. Cause they all seems the same. Anyway, this prequel told us background story on how Annabelle "born", but not really, the main story is just a line dialogue of the main character almost in the end. It, still, about old american house far away from anywhere (for real, who the hell want to live in place like that), pastor and nun, childrens (who always curious), and the doll(s). Minus the paranormal. Even has the same background, but this one still has its bite. The jump scare, and scoring, still make you curse a lot. Oldmen character isnt dominant, but Janice and Linda is very good. That little Linda is cute. Still, a good Horror to scare you. And also there are easteregg a photograph of The Nuns, maybe for the next Valak-based spinoff. #Annabelle #creation #Conjuring #moviereview #zemview
6 months ago
Spiderman : Homecoming. Finally a fresh spidey! You won't meet uncle Ben again, or accident with spider bite. Instead it welcome you with vlog (a film by Peter Parker). It really is this generation Spidey. The plot is good, a bit boring in the middle. But it actually good to show teenager how to survive with your own strength, without gadgets. Vulture, Keaton, is most heart-ful villain of Marvel so far. And that (almost) twisting story somehow bring me to his side. Maybe all this wreck is just Peter cleaning up his sht, maybe Vulture was all right, all logic. Aunt May is nice, they even just call her May, charming May. Many footages and easter eggs. Liz is lovely. And MJ, she actually there all this time, mm not really my fav. She's just...too messy. And Mr. Stark and his spidey suit gift is awesome. And Pepper! And Happy Hogan too. They're still at their best. Long life Marvel! (That Marvel Studio opening with Spidey old theme song also best). #spiderman #spidermanhomecoming #marvel #moviereview #zemview
7 months ago
Critical Eleven. Wah sudah lama banget gak nulis. IG Story bikin orang makin males nulis, kalo ada 'flash thought' tinggal foto dan kasi tulisan dikit, dan dahaga self-existence generasi millenial sudah terpuaskan. Cukup banyak film dan serial yang terlewati tanpa tulisan pemikiran pribadi. Kali ini coba menulis lagi film lokal ini. Ditonton di hari pertama Ramadhan bersama orang terkasih (Sial gak kebagian Guardian begitu pulang Sby udah closed di semua theater), film ini sebenarnya memiliki cerita yang sangat simple. Tokohnya hanya tokoh utama bersama sahabat dan keluarga (+ pembantu yg diperankan Aci pemenang SUCA). Tapi semua tokoh memiliki perannya masing2, sedikit banyak membangun hubungannya dg kedua tokoh utama, Ale dan Anya. Konfliknya pun hanya satu. Seputar hubungan suami istri dan calon anak yang diidamkan. Namun dengan konflik sesimpel itu sudah cukup membuat rollercoaster perasaan penontonnya. Apalagi kalo ditonton oleh pasangan muda yg baru menikah, ato pasangan yg berencana utk menikah. Memang pasar film ini tdk menyasar abg labil yg bakal galau dg cerita cinta segitiga dan sebagainya. Yang bersinar di film ini menurut saya justru dari Adinia Wirasti sebagai Anya. Mulai jadi wanita mandiri, berubah menjadi istri yang lovely, hingga jadi (calon) ibu yang remuk redam. Adinia benar-benar memberikan feel dalam film ini. Beda degan Reza Rahadian sebagai Ale, yang menurut saya entah kenapa masih terlihat intonasi Habibie nya. Reza belum sepenuhnya berhasil keluar dari tokoh Habibie. Secara keseluruhan, layak sekali untuk ditonton. Dan kalo anda menunggu tayangannya muncul di layar kaca, siap2 saja banyak adegan yang disensor, there're alot of kisses. #criticaleleven #moviereview #zemview
9 months ago
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